Six tricks to get better sleep on your travels

Recommended by the British Airways Executive club

We are thrilled to hear that our earplugs have been recommended by the British Airways Executive club in their Jan 2019 article: 

Six tricks to get better sleep on your travels

Thank you so much guys!


My husband snores so badly , I have put up with the snoring and quite often have to move to the spare room . We were due to go on a long weekend break so thought I’d buy them to try and help me sleep . I can honestly say what a difference it made to my sleeping pattern ,I slept so well . I heard the odd loud snore but nothing in comparison to the usual loud snoring . I would recommend this to anyone with sleeping issues and a snoring partner !!

Heathermags - Amazon Customer

Now on my second packet of these gems - the only earplugs i've found that I can sleep in AND effectively block out noise. Needed them because it's 'seagull season' - when the birds breed and make 24-hour racket. WIth Deep Sleeps in, I don't hear a single screech - and yet still wake up to my radio alarm fine. I have small earcanals so find a single Deep Sleep bud can be easily divided into two plugs - extra value AND a perfect fit!
The travel case is handy - i now take Deep Sleeps everywhere, which has proved useful in hotels with noisy air-conditioning and/or fellow guests.
Highly recommended.

CENC - Amazon Customer

Bought the Deep Sleep ear plugs out of desperation due to lack of sleep from hubby's snoring, they are amazing, I'm sleeping sound and they don't fall out like other silicone ones I've tried. I gave my Mum a pair to try because she has the same problem with my dad's snoring and she was amazed and couldn't thank me enough as she's finally getting a

whole nights sleep, would thoroughly recommend

Tracy R - Deep Sleeps Customer

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