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Deep Sleeps Mulberry Silk Blindfold for Sleeping

Deep Sleeps Mulberry Silk Blindfold for Sleeping

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"Soft and comfy all night, I can't sleep without it now!"  
Alice D - Deep Sleeps Customer

  • Block out light and achieve better sleep with the Deep Sleeps mulberry silk blindfold for sleeping.
  • Soft, cool and gentle against your skin: Made from luxurious 22 momm mulberry silk, our sleep blindfold is a dream to wear.
  • Featuring an ultra slim and lightweight design: This sleep mask is suitable for all kinds of sleepers, even front sleepers who find 3D sleep blindfolds too bulky.
  • Velco-free for silent adjustment: Deep Sleeps blindfolds for sleeping can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit, without waking those nearby.
  • Experience better quality NREM & REM sleep: Deep Sleeps Silk eye mask for sleeping creates a comfortable custom fit, light barrier. This helps you achieve deeper Non Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (the stage of sleep where your immune system recharges), as well as improved Rapid Eye Movement sleep, also known as dream sleep, the stage of sleep where you have vivid dreams and your brain's emotional 'first aid' takes place.   
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