Sonica High-Fidelity Hearing Protection

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Why Buy From Deep Sleeps?

Sonica Earplugs are the ultimate companion to protect your hearing in noisy environments.

The built-in high fidelity filters reduce the level of damaging high frequencies you hear without compromising sound quality.

Sonica Smart Earplug Features: 

  • HIGH FIDELITY HEARING PROTECTION (23dB): Sonica Earplugs Reduce The Damaging High-End Frequencies Your Hear Without Compromising Sound Quality. Suitable For Motorcyclists, Gigs and Concerts, Musicians During Band Practice, DJ's, Clubbing, Door And Bar Staff, Festivals and many more high-noise situations!
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR FOR HOURS: Made From Soft High-Quality Molded Silicone They Are Flush Fitting & Discreet So They Will Not Draw Attention. You May Even Forget You Are Wearing Them
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE: Easy To Clean With Warm Soapy Water Or Alcohol Gel Then Air Dry - The Compact Travel Case (Included) Keeps Them Safe When They Are Not In Use.
  • Included Lanyard and Caribiner Clip To Attach Your Keys