Deep Sleeps Soft Silicone Earplugs For Sleeping (2 Pairs)

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Deep Sleeps Earplugs Amazon Best Seller

Deep Sleeps Recommended By British Airways Executive Club

Deep Sleeps Soft Silicone Earplugs For Sleeping provide a custom moulded sound barrier to help you achieve the best sleep possible! Whether you have a partner who snores,  have noisy neighbours or for whenever you need to catch some Zzz's, our earplugs can help! 

These earplugs are an Amazon UK No1 Best Seller and have been recommended by British Airways so you know you are in good hands.


  • SLEEP BETTER - Deep Sleeps Soft Silicone Ear Plugs For Sleeping Create A Comfortable Custom Fit Barrier to Noise. This Helps You Achieve Deeper REM Sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep). Perfect For Light Sleepers - Comfortable To Wear All Night (Or Day If You Work Night Shifts) Wake Feeling More Rested!
  • IMPROVED NOISE BLOCKING - They Create An Air Tight Seal Over Your Ear Canal Which Dampens The Rumblings Of Snoring Partners, Noisy Neighbours Or Whatever Disturbs Your Precious Sleep. They Fit All Ears, If Too Big, Material Can Be Easily Removed To Achieve The Perfect Fit
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE - Easy To Clean With Warm Soapy Water Or Alcohol Gel - The Travel Case (Included) Keeps Them Safe When They Are Not In Use
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR A PARTNER IN NEED - Saving Relationships Since 2017
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE - All Deep Sleeps Products Include A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee For your Peace of Mind. We Care That You Are Happy With Your Purchase. We Are Proud To Provide Industry Leading Customer Service

Included in the box:

  • 2 pairs of moldable soft silicone earplugs for sleeping
  • 1 container for safe and convenient storage
  • 60-day money back guarantee for your peace of mind

Instructions (Please read before use)

We recommend cleaning your ears before using these earplugs, this helps them to grip and stay in place while sleeping. Please avoid contact with hand creams & essential oils as they may damage the earplugs.

To fit:

  1. Knead the earplug between your fingertips until it's warm and pliable. Then, roll it between your palms to form a ball.
  2. Press the earplug over your ear canal and hold for a few seconds making sure it forms an airtight seal.
  3. Flatten the earplug against your ear so that it sits flush. If the earplug is too large simply pinch a bit off and remould.

If there is too much pressure inside your ear please repeat the fitting process until comfortable.

Please do not insert the earplug directly into your ear canal as they may become difficult to remove if pushed too far.

To clean these earplugs, use warm soapy water or antibacterial gel, gently rinse then leave to air dry.

Although the earplugs can be cleaned and reused, they should be replaced frequently to avoid the risk of infections or irritation. If they start to crumble or break apart they should be disposed of immediately and a new pair should be used.