Stop Snoring Nose Vents For Nasal Snorers

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If you were wondering how to snoring then look no further! These silicone nasal dilators have been designed to help you breathe easier while sleeping so you wake feeling more rested.

They increase airflow through the nasal cavity and help to alleviate sinus pressure. This increase in airflow through your nose reduces the need to breathe through you mouth which helps stop snoring!

Their ribbed design ensures they stay in place while you sleep and their soft texture makes them comfortable to wear all night.


• A natural way to stop snoring without medication

• 4 pairs of nasal dilators (2x Small, 2x Large for the perfect fit)

• Simple to apply and remove

• Easy to clean and reusable

• Protective case included to keep the nasal dilators safe when not in use.

• A 60 day money back guarantee for your peace of mind

Instructions: Insert nasal dilators into each nostril to a comfortable depth if you find them to be too long you can trim the end with scissors to get a more comfortable fit. To clean please use warm soapy water or antibacterial gel, gently rinse then leave to dry naturally.